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A. V. Brown

1858                Address Unknown, Covington, Indiana.                                                          1858                Address Unknown, Emporia, Kansas.

A. V. Brown is recorded in the same announcement in two different papers the first on June 12, 1858 in The Kansas News (Emporia, Kansas, Territory.) and the second on June 26, 1858 in The Kansas Herald of Freedom.  (Wakarusa, Kansas, Territory.)  Mr. A. V. Brown writes us from Covington, Indiana, that he expects to be in Emporia by the middle of the present month, to make arrangements for erecting an Ambrotype Gallery in this place.

A third announcement appeared on August 7, 1858 in The Kansas Herald of Freedom  (Wakarusa, Kansas, Territory.)  “The Art Preservative of Physiog’s.”—Mr. A. V. Brown has just opened in Emporia an Ambrotype Gallery.  His apparatus is entirely new, and his pictures thus far have given general satisfaction.  Those wanting good pictures taken, we would advise to call and examine Mr. B.’s specimens, which, we think, display genuine talent and an intimate knowledge of the profession.

A. V. Brown does not appear in other photographic directories.