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Nelson H. Tuck

1854-1855       Pavilion, near Junction Hotel, Clyde, Ohio.

Nelson H. Tuck was recorded in one advertisement that ran from December 29, 1854 to April 20, 1855 in the Fremont Journal (Fremont, Ohio).  Sky Light Daguerreotype Pavilion, The subscriber having recently constructed his new and scientifically arranged Sky-Light Daguerreotype Pavilion, with a light for its softness and beautiful shading is not surpassed in northern Ohio.  The Pictures taken under such a light are noted for their smoothness of shading and beautiful delineation of the features.  With the above facilities and several years experience in the South, he feels safe in saying his pictures are not surpassed by any taken in west of New York City.  Citizens of Sandusky and adjoining counties, will have a good opportunity of getting likenesses of themselves or friends true to nature.  Satisfaction given to all, or no pay.

Pictures taken from sunrise until sunset, in cloudy as well as in clear weather.

Likenesses of all sizes from the half size plate to the smallest miniature ring.  Post Mortem cases attended to at the shortest notice.

Pavilion located near Junction Hotel. Nelson H. Tuck. Clyde, Dec. 29, 1854.

Nelson H. Tuck is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Aurora, Indiana, 1858-1861. It is unknown if they are the same person.