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C. H. Clark

1858                Rooms in Younglove’s Building, Union Village, Greenwich, New York.    1859                Rooms over White’s Fancy Store, Union Village, Greenwich, New York.

C. H. Clark was recorded in two advertisement, the first ran from September 23 to October 21, 1858 in the Washington County People’s Journal (Greenwich, New York).  Phototypes & Ambrotypes.  C. H. Clark would announce to the public that he has opened Rooms in the building formerly owned and occupied by John Younglove for the purpose of giving Perfect Impressions to all those who wish to secure a copy of themselves and friends ere the grave closes and mortality fades.

I can and will in all cases, fully satisfy my customers or make no charges.  As proof of the truth of these intimations.  I would cordially invite all to call and examine Specimens of my work, and so satisfy themselves of their merits.  N. B.—Pictures colored or plain, and done up in every style of Case, Frame, Pin, Ring or Locket.

The second advertisement ran from January 20 to February 10, 1859 in the Washington County People’s Journal (Greenwich, New York).

Ambrotypes.                                                                                                                                                    As some folks make a dreadful fuss,                                                                                                              And try to kick up quite a muss                                                                                                                          About their skill in taking faces,                                                                                                                          I’ll tell you now just where the place is.

If you have not heard it before,                                                                                                                            It’s over White’s new fancy store                                                                                                                           And least you may forget, just mark,                                                                                                               The Artist’s name is C. H. Clark.

Some Gossips have reported round                                                                                                                  That Mr. Clark had left town,                                                                                                                                But mind, he will not pull a stake                                                                                                                        So long as there’s a face to take.

His pictures, as I understand,                                                                                                                                Are unsurpassed by any man,                                                                                                                               And if this any should deny,                                                                                                                                  The proof is call and let him try.

His prices too, he will compare                                                                                                                             With first rate Artist any where;                                                                                                                            Two shillings each, and then they rise                                                                                                              To every price, and style, and size

Death’s arrows fly on every hand,                                                                                                                       And-life, you know, is but a span,                                                                                                                        Then hurry up, friends, one and all,                                                                                                                    And give this C. H. Clark a call.

Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list C. H. Clark in 1859 in Greenwich without a business address.  It is unknown at this time if Clark stayed in Greenwich between October 21, 1858 (the end of the first advertisement) and January 20th, 1859 (the start of the second advertisement).