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Benajah Jay Antrim

1855-1856       Rose Lane, East side of King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Benajah Jay Antrim was recorded in two announcement and three advertisements in The Polynesian (Honolulu, Hawaii).  The first announcement appeared on March 10, 1855. 

Passengers.  By the Francis Palmer, from S. F.—B. J. Antrim.

The first advertisement ran from May 5, 1855 to May 3, 1856.  B. Jay Antrim, Daguerrean Artist, Located on Rose Lane, east side of King street, opposite the Bethel, Honolulu.

Pictures taken in every variety of the art, by the latest improved methods. 

The second announcement appeared on August 4, 1855.  The Honolulu Sailor’s Home.  Laying the Corner Stone.  The 31st of July, our Restoration Day was selected as a time appropriate for laying the Corner Stone of the Sailor’s Home.  We saw it all from our own window; it is not often the “makings” of news come so near to the newspaper office.  It was quite pretty looking down upon the well dressed crowd of people in carriages, on horseback and on foot…

Mr. Antrim took from one of our windows a daguerreotype picture of the scene at the moment the stone was being laid.    

The second advertisement ran from November 17, 1855 to February 16, 1856.  Daguerreotypes.  Prices Reduced at the Excelsior Gallery, located on Rose Lane, east side of King-street, opposite the Bethel Church.

Thankful for past favors, the undersigned takes this method of soliciting for a limited time, the patronage of the citizens and visitors of Honolulu, assuring them that strict application has been made to every new feature of the Art, calculated to finish first-class Portraits, Miniatures, and Views for all who may desire them, by the latest and most satisfactory mode of operating in the United States.  Gallery open from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M.  Cloudy weather no detriment.

Call and examine the specimens of Rose Lane Gallery.  B. J. Antrim.

The third advertisement ran on April 5 & 12, 1856.  To the Citizens on Honolulu.  This is to inform the citizens Honolulu, that Mr. Benson, will continue the Daguerrean Art on Rose Lane, after April 14th, 1856.

We would return our sincere thanks to our patrons, and recommend Mr. B., as worthy of their patronage.  B. Jay Antrim, & co.

Benajah Jay Antrim is recorded in other photographic directories.