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B. C. Hart

1849                Rooms at G. Hodges’s, Cokesbury, South Carolina.

B. C. Hart was recorded in one advertisement that ran from July 21 to August 4, 1849 in The Abbeville Banner (Abbeville, South Carolina).  B. C. Hart, Surgeon Dentist and Daguerrian, Being on a visit to the up-country, would say to the citizens of Abbeville and adjoining Districts, that he may be found at G. Hodges’s, in Cokesbury, when not professional engaged, to perform any operation on the teeth; will attend to private families if required; put in from one to a full sot on plate; Prices from five to nine dollars each.

He would also say to the Ladies and Gentlemen of this and other places, if they wish a correct likeness of themselves they would do well to call and see him and examine his specimens.  July 2, 1849.

B. C. Hart is not recorded in other photographic directories.