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James H. Delaney

N. D.               Front Street, Richmond, Maine.

James H. Delaney was mentioned in one advertisement that was recorded on September 21, 1859 in the Rising Sun (Richmond, Maine).  A. B. Houdlette, [Successor to Jas. H. Delaney.]  Patent Ambrotyper!  Front Street, Richmond, Maine.

Every description of Sun Pictures successfully produced at his rooms, from the smallest Locket Picture to the Life Size.

Copying done in the neatest manner.

Pictures taken for Twenty-Five Cents, and warranted to give satisfaction.

The public are invited to call and examine our specimens.  A. B. Houdlette, Front Street, Richmond, Me.

James H. Delaney is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Unfortunately the September 21, 1859  issue was the only issue available to be looked at.