H. N. Wevere

1855                Sycamore Street, Petersburg, Virginia.

H. N. Wevere was recorded in three advertisements in the Daily Express (Petersburg, Virginia.) The first advertisement was recorded on September 25, 1855.

“Blest be the art that can immortalize,

The art that baffles time’s tyrannic claim.”

H. N. Wevere having taken the well known and popular Whitehurst Gallery, recently occupied by Wm. G. Edgar, is prepared to accommodate all those in want of life-like and durable Daguerreotypes on reasonable terms and at the shortest notice.  Having had an experience of seven or eight years in some of the principal Galleries in the Union, he flatters himself that he is perfectly competent to produce Pictures equal to any made.

Customers will receive at all times every attention, and no exertion will be spared to render their Pictures satisfactory.  Stereoscopic and Crayon Pictures made in the highest style of the art.  A large assortment of Jewelry and Fancy Cases, made expressly for Daguerreotypes, kept constantly on hand.

Pictures of deceased persons taken at their residences in the most approved style.

No difference on account of the weather, except for small children.  Our motto is, “Exce’sior.”

The second advertisement was recorded on November 29.  1855. M. E. Conference.—Members of the Conference wishing to have their Daguerreotypes taken during their stay in the city, can do so at a liberal reduction from the usual prices, by calling at the old Whitehurst Gallery, over Noah Walker & Co.’s Clothing store, Sycamore street.

No Picture is allowed to be taken from the Gallery unless entirely satisfactory.  The Artist has a reputation second to none in the country.

Pictures fitted in Rings, Pins, and Lockets on the most reasonable terms.  A call is respectfully solicited.  H. N. Wevere, Proprietor.

The third advertisement was recorded on December 25, 1855.  Hurrah for The Holidays!—Nothing is as suitable for a Christmas and New Year Present as a Daguerreotype of those we love.  It is the most beautiful and appropriate souvenir that can be imagined.

H. N. Wevere, at the old Whitehurst Gallery, will be pleased to accommodate all those in want of Daguerreotypes for a reasonable consideration:  His Daguerreotypes are universally admired.  The beauty of tone, the excellence of finish, and arrangement of drapery, combined with the faultless position, render them perfect in every respect.

The Artist needs no further recommendation than that already given by the press.  A large variety of Cases, plain and fancy, kept constantly on hand.  A call is respectfully solicited.  H. N. Wevere., Proprietor.

H. N. Wevere is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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