William Warren

1856                Corner of Bank Row, on Main street, Paris, Kentucky.

William Warren was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on February 6, 1856 in The Kentucky State Flag (Paris, Kentucky).  Daguerrean Gallery Removed to the corner of Bank Row, on Main street, Paris, KY.  Where we are now in the very height of successful operation.  All who are desirous of having a faithful Likeness of themselves or friends, executed in the most approved style of the art, are assured they can get as good a picture in all respects, as can be procured in any of the larger Cities.  We ask but a trial to convince the most skeptical of the truthfulness of this assertion.—The admirable arrangement of our rooms with respect to light, in conjunction with our quick working chemicals, and splendid Camera, enables us to reduce the sitting time to the shortest possible space.  We thus possess superior facilities for taking Correct Portraits,

No likeness is permitted to leave the hands of the artist until every shade of expression is instantly recognized as nature’s perfect counterfeit.  Ladies and Gentlemen: you have a positive guarantee that the pictures taken shall be of the first order.  To our customers [we return] our thanks for past favors, soliciting further patronage, with a general invitation to all to visit our Gallery and examine our collection of specimens.  Our prices are very low, in view of the perfection of the execution.  William Warren.  Jan. 9, ’56.   

William Warren is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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