William A. Treadwell

1856                89 Merrimack Street, Lowell, Massachusetts.

William A. Treadwell of the partnership of Hastings & Treadwell were recorded in three announcements and one advertisement.  The first announcement appeared on April 29, 1856 in the Lowell Daily Citizen and News (Lowell, Massachusetts).  New Daguerreotype Saloon.  Messrs. Hastings & Treadwell, two enterprising young men. Have opened one of the finest daguerreotype saloons ever seen in Lowell, in Thompson’s Block, on the north side of Merrimack street, a few doors above Shepard’s music store.  Mr. Hastings is a very excellent operator, and the twain are prepared to furnish one with a counterfeit of himself that cannot possibly fail to please.

The advertisement ran from April 29 to June 10, 1856 in the Lowell Daily Citizen and News  (Lowell, Massachusetts).  New Daguerreotype Rooms.  Hastings & Treadwell, Have taken Rooms in B. T. Thompson’s Building, 89 Merrimack Street, Where they execute Daguerreotypes in the most Finished and Artistic manner.  The Rooms have been fitted up in an Elegant Style, far surpassing any like establishment in Lowell.

The public are respectfully invited to call and examine.

The second announcement appeared on May 5, 1856 I the Lowell Daily Citizen and News  (Lowell, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes.  Messrs. Hastings & Treadwell, who have opened the new daguerreotype establishment on the north side of Merrimack street, in Thompson’s Block, (just above Shepard’s music store,) are, we learn, doing a very prosperous business.  Their excellent sky light and apparatus enables them to do the [ ? ] of work, and hence the great number of calls.  Those in want of pictures will do well to give them a call.

The third announcement appeared on September 12, 1856 in the Zion’s Advocate (Portland, Maine).  Serious Affray In Lowell.  An Affray occurred in Lowell on Friday night between J. C. Treadwell, formerly a stove-dealer, and his son, Wm, A. Treadwell, late daguerreotype artist, in which blows were exchanged and the father’ skull was fractured.  The operation of trepanning was performed, but recovery is doubtful.  The son is in custody.

William A. Treadwell is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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