John I. Rundell

18501851        Address Unknown, Pattersonville, Louisiana

1851                Rooms at the Odd Fellows’ Hall, Franklin, Louisiana.

1854                Rooms Over Pennel & Lovett’s Store, Gonzales, Texas.

John I Randell was recorded in three advertisements and five announcements in two different newspapers.  The first advertisement ran from December 19, 1850 to January 2, 1851 in The Planters’ Banner (Franklin, Louisiana).  J. I. Rundall, Daguerreotype Artist.  Rooms at present in Pattersonville….Will visit Franklin about Christmas.

The first announcement appeared on December 26, 1850 in The Planters’ Banner.  Daguerreotype Likeness.—The advertisement of Mr. Rundell will be found in another column.  Mr. Goddard, the portrait painter who was in this place last winter, informs us that this gentleman is a superior artist.  Specimens, however, will speak for themselves when he is ready for visitors.

The second announcement appeared on January 23, 1851 in The Planters’ Banner.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.—Mr. Rundell is now in full blast at the Odd Fellows’ Hall, and is taking excellent likenesses.  We have seen some specimens of his work that will compare well with the best we have ever seen.  Persons wishing correct likenesses will do well to give him a call.

The third announcement appeared on February 6, 1851 in The Planters’ Banner.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.—In another column will be found the advertisement of Mr. Rundell, daguerreotype artist.  Some fine specimens of his skill may be found at the entrance door of Odd Fellows’ Hall.  He takes much pains with his miniatures, and warrants his work to satisfy those who patronize him.  He has a supply of splendid lockets, and is prepared to furnish anything in his line of business at short notice and in good order.

The second advertisement ran from February 6 to March 8, 1851 in The Planters’ Banner.  John I. Rundell, Daguerreotype Artist, Rooms At Odd-Fellows’ Hall, Franklin.  Having availed himself at a heavy expense of all the late and most important improvements in the art, he trusts he is prepared to give entire satisfaction to those who may favor him with their patronage.  He earnestly solicits an examination of his work.

N. B.—He has just received direct from the city of New York, a variety of splendid medallion lockets and breast pins, designed expressly for the insertion of miniatures.

The fourth announcement appeared on March 15, 1851 in The Planters’ Banner.  To the Public.  Having, on account of previous engagements, been compelled to leave Franklin before I finished all the work I had promised to do, I take this opportunity to express the high sense of gratitude I feel towards my friends and acquaintances in the parish of St. Mary, for the kindness and patronage I received from them during the short stay I made among them, and particularly to my worthy friend, Mr. Rundell, whom I found extremely courteous and kind.  I would also say to those of my friends who may wish work in my line, that they had better call upon Mr. Rundell very soon, and have their pictures taken, as he intends leaving in a short time, and I can assure them that they will get as good work from him as they can from any other artist in America.  J. R. Hartsock, Daguerreotypist.

The fifth announcement appeared on February 18, 1854 in the Gonzales Inquirer (Gonzales, Texas).  Daguerreotypes.—It is not often that our friends can avail themselves of the services of an excellent Daguerreotype Artist.  Several have visited us within the past year, but only one of them succeeded in giving full satisfaction.  An excellent opportunity is ow offered the citizens of the town and county, for procuring life-like miniatures of themselves , families and friends.  We profess to be a judge of Daguerreotypes, and do not hesitate to pronounce his specimens inferior to none we have ever seen taken outside the well prepared saloons of a large city.  Mr. Rundell comes highly recommended from the different towns in which he has operated, and brings with him a complete supply of stock of every variety.  By reference to his advertisement it will be seen that he has taken rooms over Pennel & Lovett’s store, where he can be seen at all hours during the day.  Give him a call and see how your beautiful physiognomies look under glass.  We bespeak a highly polished plate for three, Rundell.

The third advertisement ran from February 18 to April 1, 1854 in the Gonzales Inquirer.  New Daguerreotype Rooms, Over Pennel & Lovett’s Store.  J. I. Rundell, Artist.  Respectfully solicits the ladies and gentlemen of Gonzales and vicinity, to call and examine his work.  He flatters himself that if they once call they will not leave his room without one of his superior style of pictures.  He has on hand a complete supply of stock from common to fancy; also an assortment of beautiful gold Lockets and Breastpins designed for pictures; also a lot of fine Jewelry selling very low to close out.

John I. Rundell (or John I. Randell) is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Louisiana.  Pioneer Photographers from the Mississippi to the Continental Divide A Biographical Dictionary, 1839-1865 records J. I. Rundell in Gonzales, Texas in 1854.  It is possible that they are the same person.  Further research is needed to connect the dots between the time he was in Franklin, Louisiana in 1851 and Gonzales, Texas in 1854.

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