C. W. Rivers

1857                Union Hall, Corner Main and North Carolina Streets, Louisiana, Missouri.

C. W. Rivers was recorded in one advertisements and two announcement in the Louisiana Democratic Herald (Louisiana, Missouri).  The first Advertisement ran on October 15 & November 5, 1857.  Mr. Rivers Takes pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Louisiana and vicinity, that he has his fine Ambrotype Rooms entirely refitted, and is now prepared to take as fine Pictures As at any other establishment in the West.  Our pictures are warranted to give entire satisfaction.

Work done at all hours from 7 till 5 o’clock, regardless of weather.

Please call and examine specimens.

Rooms in Union Hall, corner Main and North Carolina Streets.  Oct 15.

The first announcement appeared on November 5.  List Of Premiums Awarded at the Third Annual Fair of the Pike County Agricultural and Mechanical Society, held at their Fair Grounds in Bowling Green, on the 20th, 21st, 22d and 23d days of October, 1857….


Premium, Isaac Newton.

Certificate, C. W. Rivers.

The second announcement appeared on November 5, 1857.  Ambrotypes.  We would call attention to Rivers’ advertisement and to his pictures, specimens of which may be seen at his rooms.  Mr. R. is now operating in person, and his pictures are unsurpassed.

C. W. Rivers is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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