George K. Richards

1852-1853       New Exchange Building, Concord, New Hampshire.

1853                Address Unknown, Concord, New Hampshire.

George K. Richards was recorded in one advertisement that ran from November 18, 1852 to January 13, 1853 in the Independent Democrat (Concord, New Hampshire), and the Concord, New Hampshire City Directory for 1853.  New Daguerreotype Rooms!  The subscriber respectfully informs the inhabitants of Concord and vicinity, that he has taken rooms in the New Exchange, Three Doors South, of the Eagle Hotel, Where he invites all those who wish for a good Daguerreotype of themselves or friends to give him a call.  Having the advantage of a good Sky-Light, and using nothing but the best Stock and Chemicals, he flatters himself that he will be able to give satisfaction, and no pains shall be wanting on his part to do so.

The public are invited to call and examine specimens.

Miniatures, Taken single or in Groups, and neatly set in Frames, Jenny Lind, Chinese or common Cases; Lockets, Pins, Bracelets, &c., & c.  Copies taken from Portraits, Engravings, Daguerreotypes, &c.

All Pictures Warranted not to fade.

Daguerreotypes cleaned and Preservers put on to keep out the dust.  Old Pictures reset in New Silk, or Velvet Cases.  Geo K. Richards.

The 1853 Concord, New Hampshire City Directory, Residence Listing records Richards, G. K. as a daguerreotypist, business address not listed he boarded at A. H. Wigging.  

George K. Richards was recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as G. K. Richards as being active in Concord, New Hampshire in 1853-1854.  The debate over using the publication date of the city directory is controversial, at best.  In this case using 1853-1854 suggest that he was active during both years.  When in fact the information was recorded in late 1852 or early 1853. He might have moved on by the time the directory was published, so the 1854 date is misleading.

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