A. J. Pierce

1849-c.1852    Granite Hall Building, Water Street, Augusta, Maine.

A. J. Pierce was recorded in one announcement and mentioned in two advertisements.  The announcement appeared on October 6, 1849 in the Gospel Banner (Augusta, Maine).  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  These are nature’s paintings, and of course are perfect.  Daguerre’s Art is one of the greatest discoveries of this wonderful age.  Of course, now, all persons will have their likenesses, and those of their friends, taken.  We were in Chase’s and North’s rooms in Boston a fortnight ago, and saw what are said to be the best specimens in the city—and they were truly life-like, but not more so than some we have seen executed in Augusta.  The sun paints as faithfully on the Kennebec as in the City of Notions.  If you doubt it, just call in at A. J. Pierce’s Gallery on Water-st., and see how an ingenious man can help Nature do her work most beautifully.  Or, if more convenient, visit, our friend Holcomb’s Room on Market Square, and you will find there a man and his work worthy of your attention and patronage.

The first advertisement he was mentioned in appeared on October 21, 1852 in the Maine Farmer  (Augusta, Maine).  S. N. Williams, (Successor to A. J. Pierce,) Daguerreotype Gallery, Granite Hall Building, Water Street, Augusta, Me.  Likenesses taken in Clear or Cloudy Weather—Hours for Children from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M.  Painted or Daguerreotype Likenesses accurately copied.  Mr. Pierce will remain a few weeks at the Room.

Stock and Apparatus for sale at Boston prices.

The second announcement appeared on June 22, 1854 in the Maine Farmer (which was also posted yesterday in its entirety) Photographic, Stereoscopic Crayon, Crystalotypes, and other styles of Pictures, May be found at Isaac H. Dupree’s Rooms, Granite Hall, Water Street, Augusta, Maine. I. H. Dupee respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that he has taken the Rooms formerly occupied by Pierce & Williams…

A. J. Pierce is not recorded in other photographic directories. 

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