1859                Address Unknown, Parkersburg, Virginia.

Partridge (unknown first name) was recorded in one article on March 1, 1859 in the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer (Wheeling, Virginia).  Look Out For Him!—An adroit thief, calling himself J. B. Hawkins, broke into the room of John R. Beard, a daguerrean artist at Cambridge, Ohio, night before last, and stole a valuable gold watch and a considerable sum of money.  Mr. Beard was in town yesterday on the hunt of the rascal who is now supposed to be lurking about this city.  Hawkins is supposed to be the same man who recently broke into Mr. Partridge’s daguerrean gallery in Parkersburg, and stole a sum of money.  He pretends to be a photographer, and has a smattering knowledge of the art.  He is about six feet high, sandy complexion, slightly freckled, grey eyes and decidedly awkward in his general appearance.  He has been pretty extensively engaged in the thieving line, and should be checked in his career before he does something which may entitle him to severer punishment than he now deserves.

Partridge is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Parkersburg.  Since the article was published in Wheeling, Virginia it is possible that this is Asa Cheney Partridge with an unknow gallery.  This is speculation on my part because no documented reference has been found to substantiate this claim.

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