J. E. Miller

1856                Address Unknown, Bridgeport, Virginia.

J. E. Miller appeared in one advertisement on August 15, 1856 in the Cooper’s Clarksburg Register (Clarksburg, Virginia).  Daguerrean Gallery.  J. E. Miller would respectfully announce to the citizens of Clarksburg and vicinity that he has opened his Daguerrean at Bridgeport where he is prepared to take pictures in every variety and style known to the art.  Dark dresses always take best in Daguerreotypes, as colors will not show.

He Keeps constantly on hand a large and elegant assortment of Plain and Fancy Cases, Gold and Common Lockets, Medallions, &c., in which Likenesses will be securely and neatly set.

Calls are respectfully solicited from all, who desire a good picture.  Jy 11.                  

J. E. Miller is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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