Martin & Locke

1847                First building west of the Congregational Church, Litchfield, Connecticut.

Martin & Locke were recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Litchfield, Enquirer (Litchfield, Connecticut).  The announcement appeared on June 3, 1847. Daguerreotypes.—We cordially invite the attention of our readers to the advertisement of Messrs. Martin & Locke, Daguerreotypist, 1st door west of the Congregational Church.  All who desire to obtain elegant and correct miniatures of themselves or their friends, will do well to avail themselves of the opportunity now presented.  A far mor exact likeness can now be obtained for $2, than could have been procured for $30 ten years ago.

The advertisement ran from June 3 to 24, 1847.  Colored Photographic Likenesses.  Messrs. Martin & Locke Will remain in this place for a short time, and will execute Photographic Likenesses by the Daguerreotype process, in a superior stye, possessing all the Colors of Life and guaranteed to give satisfaction.

Having made themselves acquainted with all the latest improvements in the Art, they are prepared (with the use of a different and superior article of Chemicals and gilding, by which, the impression receives a perfectly clear and natural appearance, and is made permanent upon the plate,) to do work which shall compare with any done in the cities.  Our mode of operating being the same as that of the principal Galleries in New York and Boston, and entirely different from those who preceded us. 

They would say to those who have pictures taken by the old method which are either faded out, or unlifelike in color, &c., that they will take them in Exchange For New Ones, or find a new plate and put them up into the cases at reasonable prices.

Groups of from two to six taken with all the distinctness of a single picture.

Likenesses of children taken with much success.  Also, Likenesses taken from Family Portraits which look more natural and lifelike than the Painting.

Ladies and Gentlemen are solicited to call and examine specimens, and sit for their Likenesses, if they choose, by way of experiment.

Likenesses taken in all kinds of weather.  Rooms 1st building west of the Congregational Church.

Martin & Locke (first names unknown) are not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Litchfield, Connecticut.

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