Albert D. Lacy

1855                Saginaw Street, Flint, Michigan.

Albert D. Lacy was recorded in one announcement in The New York Herald (New York, New York) on October 2, 1855.  Fire at Flint, Michigan.  We have a telegraphic notice of the fire at Flint, Genesee county, Michigan, of Monday last.  The following particulars we take from the papers of that place:—

On  Monday evening, between 8 and 9 o’clock, our flourishing city was visited by the calamity of another of those awful fires whose ravages made a clean sweep from the corner of J. B. Walker & Co., on Saginaw street, to that of Dr. Moon, notwithstanding the almost super-human efforts to stay its progress.  It is impossible to state yet, with accuracy, the precise loss  of the sufferers, but below will be found as near an estimate as we have yet been able to arrive at after careful inquiry.  Fortunately there was time afforded, in the majority of cases, to remove the goods from the stores before the fire reached them.  It originated in the daguerrean rooms of Mr. Lacy, but in what manner is not known, as the rooms were locked at the time….

A. D. Lacy, daguerrean and dentist’s office–$300, No Insurance…

D. S. Frary, daguerrean rooms—$200.  No insurance.  

Albert D. Lacy is recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list him in 1855 without a business address.  David V. Tinder’s online Directory of Early Michigan Photographers also list him in Saginaw, Michigan as an ambrotypist in 1862-1863 and a photographer in 1853-1865.  David also reports that at various times in his career he was a dentist, a jeweler, a watchmaker and saloon keeper.

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