Thomas Hovey

1849                Address Unknown, Hallowell, Maine.

Thomas Hovey was recorded in one advertisement that ran from January 13 to May 5, 1849 in the Maine Cultivator and Hallowell Gazette (Hallowell, Maine).  For Sale.  A Good Daguerreotype Apparatus, Complete, and in good order, will be sold at a bargain.  The Camera is an American half plate, nearly new—a first-rate instrument.  Also, one of Southwark (sic.) & Hawes’ Patent “Buff Swings,” (two boxes) medium and quarter sizes; together with Chemicals, Plates, Cases, &c. &c.

A good opportunity is offered to any one wishing to purchase.  For further particulars inquire of Thomas Hovey.

Thomas Hovey is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It is unknown if Thomas was a daguerreotypist, an amateur or a dealer in daguerrean materials. 

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