H. W. Hollowell

1852                Over Fresco Hall, Warren, Ohio.

1853                Address Unknown, Warren, Ohio.[1]

1855                Over Fresco Hall, Warren, Ohio.

W. H. Hollowell was recorded in one advertisement and was mentioned in another advertisement and one announcement.  The advertisement appeared on June 23, and July 7 & 14, 1852 in the  Trump of Fame (Warren, Ohio).  Great Western Sky-Light Daguerrean Gallery!  Daguerreotypes for 50 Cents!  Those wishing correct and life-like Daguerreotypes, of themselves or friends for 50 cents, would do well to avail themselves of this opportunity.  An early attention is solicited.  Satisfaction given in all cases; at the lowest possible prices.  Views, landscapes, &c., taken as accurately as the art can produce.  Instructions given in the art, and apparatus furnished if desired.

Rooms over “Fresco Hall”, one door west of the Bank.  May 27.  H. W. Holloway.

The advertisement he was mentioned in appeared on June 27, 1855in the Western Reserve Chronicle (Warren, Ohio).  A Change.—Something New And Interesting To The Public—The old Rooms formerly occupied by H. W. Holloway together with the entire stock and interest of same, having been purchased by Lake & Marsh, experienced Daguerreotypists, they are now prepared to execute work in the best style of the art.

Having a large amount of Stock, and Cases of all kinds and sizes, they flatter themselves that they can give entire satisfaction to all who may favor them with their patronage.

No Pictures will be sold unless they are positively good ones.

Come old, come young, come great and small,

To the Daguerrean Rooms over “Fresco Hall.”

Advertisement ran from June 27 to Nov 7, 1855.

The announcement appeared on July 4, 1855 in the Western Reserve Chronicle (Warren, Ohio).  Dentistry.—Over Adams’ Book Store.—Dr. H. W. Holloway, having sold out his interest in the daguerreotype business, has taken rooms over Adams’ Bookstore, where he can be found at all hours, from 8 o’clock A. M. until 6 P. M….

H. W. Hollowell appears in other photographic directories as being active in Warren, Ohio in 1853.

[1] Ohio Photographers 1839-1900.

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