Jacob S. Hardin

1859                Address Unknown, Fairmont, Virginia.        

Jacob S. Hardin was recorded in one article and one announcement.  The article appeared on  April 19, 1859 in the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer (Wheeling, Virginia).  Arrest of a Murderer by means of a Daguerreotype.—Yesterday morning officer Hawley and Mr. James Wright, of this city, arrived here from Fairmont, having in charge a man by the name of Jacob S. Hardin, charged with the murder of his wife on the 9th of March last, at Belvedere, Warren County, N. J.  The circumstances of the arrest are quite remarkable, as follows.  About a week ago Mr. Wright who was traveling through Marion and other neighboring counties, on business, arrived at Fairmont on the same train with Hardin, and the two got off at that point, after making a pretty intimate railroad acquaintance.  Mr. W., in circulating around in that neighborhood two or three days afterwards, encountered Hardin at various places, and they both had remarked upon the singularity of their frequent unexpected meetings.  Mr. Wright having finished his business in that part of the country, came home, and on Sunday morning last was sitting in the Spring House when some one came in with a photograph likeness of a murderer named Hardin, accompanied by a proclamation from the Governor of New Jersey, offering $500 for his arrest.  Mr. Wright, upon looking at the picture, immediately recognized it as that of his mysterious acquaintance in the mountain counties and so expressed himself to various persons, among others Sergeant McDonald.  Accordingly a warrant was procured from Ald. Dulty and Mr. Wright and Officer Hawley started for Fairmont.  Arriving there Mr. Wright called upon Mr. Miller, a Daguerreotypist, where he supposed Hardin to be engaged, as that was his profession, and upon enquiring for the object of his search, that individual, who was in the next room, heard and recognized Wright’s voice and immediately came forth, extending his hand in the most cordial manner, and again remarking upon the fatality which seemed to attach to their frequent coming together.  Mr. Wright invited Hardin, (who had assumed the alias of Austin) to take a walk…

The announcement appeared on July 9, 1860 in The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia).  Execution Of Rev. J. S. Harden…

Jacob S. Hardin is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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