Hamilton & Adams

1848                Rooms in the Cabell House, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Hamilton & Adams (Charles F. Hamilton & John Adams) were recorded in one advertisement in the Lynchburg Virginian (Lynchburg, Virginia).  To The Inhabitants of Lynchburg and vicinity.  Hamilton & Adams, Daguerrian Artists, Respectfully return thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of Lynchburg and the surrounding Country, for the liberal patronage bestowed non them during their residence in this place.  They are now better prepared than ever to take Daguerreotype Miniatures, having procured from the North, at considerable expense, a large wheel for polishing purposes, together with all the other recent improvements, which have never before been introduced in this State; and from Mr. Hamilton’s experience of nearly five years in Virginia, and repeated visits to New York—and Mr. Adams’ experience as an operator four years in the , first establishments in New York and Philadelphia, they are prepared, with the aid of a large Sky-Light to produce miniatures, which for depths of tone, softness of light and shade, beauty of coloring, and easy and graceful positions, will defy competition.  Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call at their rooms in the Cabell House, and examine the specimens.

Likenesses inserted in Lockets, Bracelets, Breastpins, &c.  Likenesses taken of sick or deceased persons, dwelling houses, country-seats, in the best style.  Portraits and Daguerreotypes accurately copied.  Chas. F. Hamilton, John Adams.

N. B.—H & A.  would respectfully inform the public that they have been taking Daguerreotypes by the Electro-Galvanic Process for two years past, and with their Gold-enamelling process, their miniatures are rendered imperishable in any clime.  Nov. 27.

Hamilton & Adams are not recorded in other photographic directories as being in partnership.  Charles F. Hamilton if one can assume that he is the same Charles F. Hamilton

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