Francis B. Haines

1854                Wesleyan Hall, Corner of Union and Main Street, Kennebunk, Maine.

1854                Main Street, Saco, Maine.

Francis B. Haines was recorded in twelve advertisements in the Maine Democrat (Saco, Maine).  The first advertisement ran on July 4 & 11, 1854.  The New Process.  Haines & Co., the celebrated 25 cent Picture makers are now stopping for a short time at Kennebunk.  They have taken rooms at Wesleyan Hall, corner of Union and Main Streets.  Daguerreotype likenesses taken for 25 cents, equally as good as can be obtained any where else for five times the amount.

The second advertisement appeared on July 25, 1854.  Messrs. Haines & Co., the popular Daguerreotypist, will remain at Kennebunkport through the present week.  Those who wish to obtain a good likeness for the small sum of 25 cents should give him a call without delay.

The third advertisement ran from August 22 to September 5, 1854. Haines & Co.  Are taking hundreds of their beautiful 25 cent Daguerreotype Likenesses, At their Picture Factory, on Main street, Saco.

All in want of good Daguerreotypes should call on them without delay.  They charge but 25 cents for good likenesses warranted not to fade.  Satisfaction given or no charge made.

The fourth advertisement appeared on September 5, 1854.  The rush at Haines & Co., 25 cent Daguerreotype Rooms still continues.

The fifth advertisement ran from September 12 to 26, 1854.  Something New.  Haines & Co., At a great expense have obtained Machinery and Chemicals for taking Daguerreotypes by the new German Invention, recently discovered by a few German Gentleman of New York City.

Dr. Chapman together with some of the best Chemists of the age have toiled incessantly for two years and upwards, experimenting on, and seeking to bring this discovery to perfection, but never have succeeded until within a few days.

It entirely upsets the old fogeys who are obliged to give way to superior Artists and superior work, Haines & Co., respectfully invite the careful attention of the public, to this new and beautiful Invention of Art! 

Specimens of the work may be seen at their Daguerreian Rooms, on Main st., Saco, over Owen & Moulton’s Clothing Establishment.

Daguerreotype Likenesses executed by them for 25 cents, warranted as good aas can be obtained elsewhere for five times the amount.

N. B.  Daguerreotypists and others wishing to obtain a knowledge of the New Invention should apply immediately to Haines & Co., Saco, Me.

The sixth advertisement appeared on September 19, 1854.  The best Daguerreian Artists are found at Haines & Co.’s Rooms on Main Street, Saco, where the best Pictures are made in the State.

The seventh advertisement appeared on September 19, 1854.  The place to get Daguerreotype Likenesses is at Haines & Co.’s.  They take the best Pictures and sell them at the fairest prices.  Rooms over Owen & Moulton’s, Main Street, Saco, Maine.

The eighth advertisement appeared on September 19, 1854.  Who takes the best Daguerreotypes?  Haines & Co.  Who sells Pictures at the fairest prices?  Haines & Co.

The ninth advertisement appeared on October 3, 1854.  Haines & Co.’s Rooms are the Rooms for all to get good and perfect likenesses.

The tenth advertisement appeared on October 10, 1854.  “All Ready,” Says the Operator.  “Ready, Madam, walk in!  Please be seated in this chair!  Sit just as the chair sits, Madam—there, that is right; I like a little side-view best.  Look towards the Instrument!  There, that will answer!  Keep perfectly still and look steady now.—Pass me a Plate there!”

“Plates!  There are none ready,” replies Anthony Green, head man of the establishment. 

“How is that?—here  is a lady that wants three of herself, and 30 more waiting to sit, and here it is half-past 4 o’clock.”

We should have had them ready, sir, if one of the men had not been sick to-day, which makes more work for the rest of the men.  As it is cloudy, we thought that one hundred and fifty Plates would be as many as you would use, but we will have some prepared in a few minutes.”

“Propel then, for I am waiting!”

All this is at Haines & Co.’s Picture Factory, Saco.

8 o’clock,…..Stairs Full!

10   “       ……Rooms Full!

12   “       ……Crowded!

3     “       ……The Rush Increases!

6     “       ……Nothing to be seen!

7     “       ……All Calm and Serene!

At Haines & Co.’s 25 cent Daguerreotype Factory, Saco, Maine.

Readers, go to Haines & Co.’s if you want A Perfect Likeness.

The eleventh advertisement ran on October 3 & 10, 1854.  (four times per issue.)  Haines & Co.

The twelfth advertisement appeared on October 17, 1854.  Haines and Co.’s Daguerreotype Rooms are still the resort of all who wish to obtain good Likenesses.

Francis B. Haines is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does record a Haines active in Saco, Maine in 1855 in the partnership of Haines & Hubbard it is possible they are the same person.

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