Goddard & Metcalf

1849-1850       Over J. C. Molton’s Hat Store, Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Goddard & Metcalf (Emerson Goddard & Charles H. Metcalf) were recorded in one advertisement that was recorded on March 23, 1850 in the General Advertiser (Providence, Rhode Island).  Goddard & Metcalf, Daguerrean Artists, Woonsocket, Rhode Island.  Having made arrangements for continuing together in the Daguerrean Business, would say to the public that they are prepared to execute Likenesses in the highest perfection of the art, having every convenience and facility which observation and experience can suggest.  We have the best light for all kinds of shading, being a sky-light in connection with a North side light.  We gild by the best process, and warrant our pictures permanent.  Particular attention is called to the easy and natural expression of the eye in our Daguerreotypes. We have all the best and latest styles of settings for Daguerreotypes. 

Satisfaction Given. Instruction given for $25, and Apparatus at cost.

Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and examine our specimens, settings, &c.

Gallery over J. C. Molton’s Hat Store, and near Harris’ High Bridge, Woonsocket.  Emerson Goddard.  Chas. H. Metcalf.  au.26.

Goddard & Metcalf are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Unfortunately no newspapers were available to reference between December 18, 1847 and March 23, 1850 and the next available issue was on January 25, 1851.  In fact only fourteen issues were available to look at in the General Advertiser between 1847-1858.  The date on the advertisement was August 26, [1849].  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does record Emerson J. Goddard active in Providence in 1849; 1855-1859.  There is no listing for Charles H. Metcalf.

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