J. M. Gale

1853-1854       On the public square, north of the court house, Ottawa, Illinois.           

J. M. Gale was recorded in one advertisement that ran from November 5, 1853 to February 11, 1854 in The Ottawa Free Trader (Ottawa, Illinois).  Daguerreotypes, In the best style of the art, at J. M. Gale’s portable daguerrean palace, on the public square, north of the court house, Ottawa, Ill.

J. M. Gale received the highest award at the late fair of the Will county agricultural society, for superior daguerreotypes.

All who wish likenesses, are solicited to call soon, as his time in this place will be necessarily   limited to the amount of patronage he receives.  Price $1.50 and upwards.

Reasonable reduction for large families, &c. n5.

J. M. Gale is recorded in A Directory Of Early Illinois Photographers.

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