Edgar Codding

1857                Three Doors West of the Haskell House, Galesburg, Illinois.

1858-1859       Main Street, Galesburg, Illinois.

Edgar[1] Codding was recorded in one advertisement  that was recorded on October 7 & 21 and December 30, 1857 in the Knox Republican (Knoxville, Illinois).  Codding’s Fine Art Gallery, (Three Doors West of the Haskell House,) Galesburg………Illinois.

The Ambrotypes now made at this Gallery are pronounced by judges to be superior to any ever offered this community.

Paper Ambrotypes!  A new style of picture, which are very nice to send by mail.  Also,

Crystalotypes!  The two kinds are the only ones suitable for sending in letters, as they go with safety, and without additional postage.  They are very accurate.

Daguerreotypes Will be made for those who prefer them.

A Good Supply Of Fancy Stock, Lockets And Pins, Always on hand.

A liberal discount will be made where large families are taken.

No inferior pictures allowed to leave these rooms.

All persons visiting Galesburg are invited to call and examine specimens of the different kinds.

Work done equally well in all kinds of weather.  march25.  E. Codding.

1858-59.  A Directory Of Early Illinois Photographers. List E. [Edgar] Codding as an Ambrotypist, Main Street, Galesburg. Also possibly same E. Codding recorded in Knoxville, Illinois from 1868-1888.

Edgar. Codding is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in 1858-1859.

[1] First name from Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

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