Mr. Coburn

1854                Rooms over Mr. Nixon’s Variety Store, Second Street, Ironton, Ohio.

Mr. Coburn is mentioned in one advertisement that ran from March 14 to April 18, 1854 in the  Spirit of the Times (Ironton, Ohio).  Daguerrean Rooms.  Read This, Everybody!!  Mr. Clark has the pleasure of informing the citizens of Ironton and vicinity, that he has secured the assistance of Mr. Coburn, whose skill and long experience in the Daguerrean art places him far ahead of most persons engaged in it.  This is emphatically the time to obtain a life-like picture of yourself and friends.  He has on hand a fine assortment of fancy cases, some of which are so admirable adapted for Sweethearts and Lovers, that they lend charms to ugliness itself, and win the abiding affections of the most heartless coquette.  Old men and matrons, young men and maidens, please give him a call at his rooms over Nixon’s Variety Store, Second Street, Ironton.

Mr. Coburn is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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