William Campbell

1853                Rooms over J. H. Lewis & Co. Store, Main Street, Westerly, Rhode Island.

William Campbell was recorded in one advertisement that ran on September 1 & 8, 1853 in The Literary Echo and Pawcatuck Advertiser (Westerly, Rhode Island).  Daguerreotypes, From 50 Cents and Upwards.  Wm. Campbell begs to thank the inhabitants of Westerly and vicinity for their kind support, and to inform them that he still continues to take pictures at the low price of 50 cents.  These Daguerreotypes are equal to any worth double the amount, and Are Warranted not to Fade, the materials being all of the best description and the instrument the finest New York can produce.  By it a picture can be taken in less than six seconds, thus affording an excellent opportunity for children.

It is recommended to those wanting pictures, to avoid light dresses and to make an early call at the Rooms over the Store of J. H. Lewis & Co., in the New Brick Store, on Main street.

William Campbell is not recorded as being active in Westerly, Rhode Island.

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