S. B. Brockway

1855                Address Unknown, Depere, Wisconsin.

1855                Astor House, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

S. B. Brockway was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Green Bay Advocate (Green Bay, Wisconsin).  The announcement appeared on June 28, 1855.  Daguerrean Artist.—Mr. S. B. Brockway has taken rooms at the Astor House, in this city, where he proposes to take Daguerreotypes, on short notice and in good style.  he has been stopping at Depere the past week, and we learn has given general satisfaction, and comes here well recommended as a finished workman.

The advertisement was recorded on June 28 and July 12 & 19, 1855.  Daguerrean Artist.  S. B. Brockway, Has taken rooms for a few days at the Astor House, where he will be ready to attend to all who desire Daguerreotypes.  Pictures will be taken in the latest and most improved styles of the art, and warranted to give entire satisfaction.  All pictures, except those of children, can be taken equally well in cloudy as well as clear weather.  Articles of dress of any light colors, such as white, blue, pink and straw, should be avoided.  Moderate colors and plaids look better in pictures.  Green Bay, June 25, 1855.

S. B. Brockway is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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