W. T. Bowers

1854                6 Central Block, Biddeford, Maine.

W. T. Bowers of the firm McKenney & Bowers was recorded in two advertisements in The Union and Eastern Journal Biddeford, Maine.  The first advertisement ran from February 17 to April 14, 1854.  McKenney & Bowers, Daguerreotypes!  No. 6 Central Block, Biddeford. Rooms open daily for the reception of visitors.  Pictures taken in all sizes and any style desired.  We have the largest and best collection of specimens to be seen in this vicinity.  Also, the best assortment of Gold Lockets and Fancy Cases, at the lowest prices. E. H. McKenney, W. T. Bowers.

Please call and examine specimens.  Don’t mistake the place.

The second advertisement ran from April 14, to May 5, 1854.  Stereoscopic Pictures!!  McKenney & Bowers, No. 6 Central Block, Biddeford, Took And Exhibited The First Stereoscopic Picture!  That were taken in “Your County,” and the public are now informed that they are ready to furnish the above style of pictures, executed in the most perfect manner.

By the Stereoscope two pictures of the same person are seen as one, appearing as large as life; and if properly taken are truly beautiful, almost cheating the beholder into the belief that he gazes upon a “thing of Life,” instead of a picture.

Daguerreotypes Of All Styles And Sizes, Taken In The Most Perfect Manner, Fine Gold Lockets.

Buy your Lockets of McKenney & Bowers, if you want a better article than you can get for the same money at any other place.

Fancy Cases And Frames, Of Every Description.  Call And See!  Call and See!!

W. T. Bowers is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Maine.  It is possible that W. T. Bowers is Wilder T. Bowers, who was active in 1850 in Detroit, Michigan[1] and in Lynn, Massachusetts from 1856-1904[2]

His father came from Massachusetts, and Wilder was born in Maine in February of 1824, fourth of the seven children of Wilder and Sarah H. T. Bowers. Hannah was born in Maine in July of 1830, and she married Wilder about 1852. Their children were born in Massachusetts: Charles, Caroline and Willie between 1854 and 1858, and then Nellie in July of 1869. Hannah was a widow and still living at Lynn in 1910.[3]

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry

[2] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

[3] David V. Tinder’s online Directory Of Early Michigan Photographers.

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