C. Barnes & Brother

1848                Eagle Hotel, Macon, Mississippi.

C. Barnes & Brother (C. Barnes & W. Barnes) was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on November 18, 1858 in the Noxubee Rifle (Macon, Mississippi).  Daguerreotype Art—Improved.  Perfect Likenesses Of Children Or Adults, By C. Barnes & Brother.  We would say to our friends of Macon and surrounding country, that we have neatly furnished a room in the Eagle Hotel (up stairs) for the purpose giving those wishing perfect likenesses of themselves or friends an opportunity of obtaining them.  The new improvement will enable us to take perfect likenesses of Children of any age.  Gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens. They would do well to call soon as our stay will be short.  C. & W. Barnes.

C. Barnes & Brother is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It is possible that this is Chauncy Barnes who was active in Mobile, Alabama.  Frances Osborn Robb writes in Shot In Alabama A History of Photography 1839-1941 And A List Of Photographers, thatChauncey Barnes was William Worthy Barnes brother.

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