J. Atkyn

1856                St. James Hall, Beaver Island, Michigan.

J. Atkyn appeared in one advertisement on May 1, 1856 in the Daily Northern Islander (St. James, Michigan).  Correct And Life-Like Daguerreotypes.  J. Atkyn, Daguerrean Artist, St. James Hall, Beaver Island, Mich., Having fitted and furnished his Daguerrean Room in a style for comfort and convenience, not surpassed by any in Manitou and adjacent counties, will be happy to receive visitors,  His mode of taking pictures completely obviates the necessity of from one to three minutes.  It can be done as well in from ten to thirty seconds, and in full cases less than one minute.

N.B.  Instructions in the art, with all the late improvements, given.  Ladies and gentlemen would do well to give him a call.  His pictures are taken on silver plate, over which is  a coating of gold.  They will not corrode at sea, or change in any climate; are beautiful in tenor, bold and clear in effect.  Call and examine specimens, at St. James Hall.

Gallery open from 9 A. M., to 4 P. M.  Likenesses taken in clear or cloudy weather.  Beaver Island, April 28, ’56.

J. Atkyn is recorded in David V. Tinder’s on-line Directory of Early Michigan Photographers as being active in Beaver Island, in 1855-1856.

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