H. Armington

1846                Address, Unknown, Pawtucket, Rhode, Island.[1]

1848                19 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island,[2]

1850                Sagamore Building, near the Central Building, Lynn, Massachusetts.

H. Armington was record in a manuscript letter to Southworth & Hawes on October 13, 1846 and one advertisement.  The Manuscript letter from H. Armington & Co. To Southworth & Hawes formerly in Matthew R. Isenburg Collection.[3] 

Pawtucket Mass. Oct. 13th 1846 Messrs.  Southworth & Hawes, Gents, We have seen in pictures in Providence said to have been taken with “quickstuff” prepared and sold by you, which we liken the appearance of very much.  We wish you to send us a bottle of the same with the directions necessary for using it.  If we could produce the same results with it as those we saw in Providence should like to make use of it altogether,

Please write us your lowest price for Scovilles No. 1 Medium Plates.  Also cheapest Medium satin cases also Velvet good articles.

Yours Respectfully, H. Armington & Co.

The advertisement was recorded on April 26, 1850 in the Lynn News (Lynn, Massachusetts).

Daguerreotype Gallery, In The Sagamore Building, near the Central Building, Lynn.  J. H. Currier, Daguerrian Artists, having procured of his late partner, Mr. Armington, his large German Instrument, is now prepared to execute Miniatures of all styles, in groups or single, on small or the largest sized plates that are used.

As a most certain guarantee that he will satisfy his customers, he invites a scrutinizing examination of his specimens, and a trial of his skill by patronage, as he warrants his pictures to be satisfactory, and unexcelled at any other gallery in the country—his customers and their friends being the judges.  Lynn, February 1, 1850.

H. Armington is recorded in other photographic directories in 1846 and 1848, but not in 1850.

[1] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

[2] Craigs Daguerreian Registry.  In partnership as Baker (Elisha W.) & Armstrong.

[3] Letter sent from Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

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