Mr. & Miss Andrews

1850-1851       Over Sanger’s New Store, Ottawa, Illinois.

Mr. & Miss Andrews were recorded in two advertisements and one announcement in The Ottawa Free Trader (Ottawa, Illinois).  The first advertisement ran from December 7, 1850 to January11, 1851.  Daguerrean Gallery.  Mr. & Miss Andrews would respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Ottawa and vicinity that they have unsurpassed facilities for taking Likenesses, at their rooms over Sanger’s New Store.

Please call and see Specimens. 

Daguerreotypes, Paintings, &c., accurately copied.

Likenesses set in plain and Fancy Cases, Frames, Lockets, &c.

Sick Persons and corpses attended at private houses when desired.

The announcement appeared on December 21, 1850.  Andrews’ Daguerrean Gallery.  We have had the pleasure of visiting Mr. Andrews’ rooms over Sanger’s new store and inspecting his pictures, which we found to be of superior or quality.—we would earnestly recommend to such of our citizens who are desirous of procuring miniatures, either of themselves, friends, or their children, to give him a call.  His terms are reasonable, and the quality of his pictures and cases vary to suit all who may desire them.  He has taken the rooms he occupies with a view of remaining her permanently, and it is hoped that he may receive a liberal patronage.  See his advertisement.

The second advertisement ran from March 8, 1851 to April 12, 1851.  Andrews’ Daguerrean Gallery In Sanger’s block, up stairs.  Likenesses taken in the best and latest style of the art; and set in plain and fancy Cases, Frames, Lockets, &c., &c.

Mr. & Miss Andrews are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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