Mr. Allen

1847 Rooms at Mr. Silas T. Ketcham’s, Huntington, New York.

Mr. Allen was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The Long Islander (Huntington, New York). The announcement appeared on July 2, 1847. Daguerreotypes. –we wish to add our moiety of praise to Mr. Allen’s specimen’s of this art.  To those who wish a facsimile of the “human face divine,” we would say, procure one without delay—and we know of no better way of paying a real compliment to a Lady, than to solicit her picture, and no greater acceptance of one’s own.  It strikes us, this would be an admirable manner of “popping the question”—and to those who intend visiting our village on the 5th, we would say call on Mr. Allen, we can vouch for his ability in the art.  The specimens we have examined, are sufficient recommendation of his efficiency.  See advertisement in another column.

The advertisement appeared on  July 2, 1847.  Allen’s United States Branch Daguerrian Gallery, Is now open at Mr. Silas T. Ketcham’s, in the village of Hunting, where he will that Daguerreotype portraits in the best manner.  Having by long experience in the business [ ?  ] improvements that have been made in the art, both in this country and in Europe—together with some valuable discoveries he has made in the art, enabled him to guarantee a Likeness not to be surpassed.

Copies taken from portraits, and painted, or Daguerreotype miniatures.

He will take likenesses for insertion in Rings, Breast Pins, Lockets or Bracelets.       

Lockets, Rings and Breast Pins for Daguerreotypes, on hand, which he will sell at reduced prices.

The Ladies and Gentlemen of Huntington, and the public in general are invited to call and examine his specimens.  Likenesses taken in all kinds of weather, and in all cases warranted perfect or no charge.—likenesses taken of the sick or deceased persons, at their residences, on the shortest notice.

N. B. Instructions given in the art.  Apparatus, chemicals of every kind, furnished at the lowest cash prices.                                          

Mr. Allen is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Huntington, New York in 1847.  It is possible this is William A. Allen active in Brooklyn, New York in 1848. And in New York City in 1849-1852.

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