Mr. Yarnall

1850                Rooms at the Eastern end of the Market House, Charles Town, Virginia.

Mr. Yarnall was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Spirit of Jefferson  (Charles Town, Virginia).  The announcement appeared on November 12, 1850.  Now Is The Time.  Mr. Yarnall, a Daguerrian Artist of the first-water, has opened a room in our town, Eastern end of the Market-house, where he is prepared to take Daguerreotype Likenesses, in a manner that we have never before seen excelled.  We have had the pleasure of seeing several specimens of his skill, and the resemblance is “true to nature.”  He will take family groups or single likenesses, as may be preferred.  See advertisement in another column.

The announcement appeared on November 12, 1850.  Secure the Shadow ere the Substance Fade!  Yarnall, Daguerrean Artist, Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Charlestown, that he has taken the Room adjoining the Free Press Office for a short time, where he is now prepared to take Miniatures, in the latest and best style that the Art can produce; and neatly set them in Cases, Lockets, Pins or Frames.

Daguerreotypes, Paintings or landscapes, correctly copied.

Likenesses of Sick or Deceased Persons, taken at short notice.

Those wishing Pictures will please call soon, as his stay will be short.  He promises as good Pictures as can be taken in any of the Eastern Cities.

Visitors received all hours of the day.  Hours of sitting, from 9 A. M. until 2 P. M.  Mrs. Y. will be present during the visits of the Ladies to render assistance.  Dark Drapery is always preferable, except for children.

Instructions given in all the recent improvements of the Art, and Apparatus furnished on good terms.                          

Mr. Yarnall is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Note on the newspaper the previous issues available to me was issued on July 2, and the next available in 1850 was issued on December 24. 

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