A. Wilson

1852-1853       Lafayette Street, over Dr. Buffington’s Office, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A. Wilson was recorded in two announcements and two advertisements in The Daily Comet (Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  The first announcement appeared on November 14, 1852.  It will be seen that Wilson has reopened his Daguerreotype saloon on Lafayette street.  He is well fitted up and takes excellent pictures.

The first advertisement ran from November 14, 1852 to September 30, 1853. 1852 November 14.  The Daily Comet (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) November 14, 1852.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  I have just returned from the west—and I am prepared for business.  Now whilst the opportunity offers, is the time to secure a picture.

Obtain the shadow’ ere the substance fades.

When our friends, relatives and sweethearts are with us, it would seem useless to have a likeness of them, but the future may separate us; Ay, death may take them away forever, and then a correct and life-like resemblance of them, is invaluable.

I have all the late styles of cases, Gold Enameled, Papier Maché, Pearls, &c. Gold Lockets, Pins and Bracelets.

Pictures taken at $2. Rooms on Lafayette street—over Dr. Buffington’s office, where the public is invited to call and examine specimens.  A. Wilson.   Nov. 14.

The second advertisement ran from January 16 to July 14, 1853. 

Daguerreotypes.  Be Taken

And for your likeness sit,

I know it’s time enough my dear,

And you have promised it;

But time is on the wing my love,

As Poets oft has sung,

And you’ll be fading soon my dear,

So get it while you’re young.

Wilson’s Office Lafayette Street—Pictures taken in Cloudy weather as well as Sunny weather.

The second announcement appeared on November 10, 1853.  Mr. A. Wilson has returned and re-opened his Daguerreotype in Lafayette street.  Mr. W, is by all odds the best Daguerrean artist we have had in this city, and doubt much if he has his superior in the State.  His saloon is in the second story of the late residence of Judge Chas. Tessier, where he may be found daily, during business hours.

A. Wilson is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It appears according to the first announcement that Wilson has visited Baton Rouge, Louisiana prior to November 1852.  It is unknow where else he may have visited or where his gallery is located.

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