Amos Willes

1849                Rooms in the Office of Willes & Caine, Seymour’s Building, Ravenna, Ohio.

Amos Willes was recorded in one advertisement that ran from June 6 to 20, 1849 in the Portage Sentinel (Ravenna, Ohio). Daguerrian Artist.  Rooms in the Office of Willes & Caine, Seymour’s Building.  The subscriber having just returned from the city with a large and entirely new apparatus would respectfully invite the Ladies and Gentlemen of Ravenna and vicinity to call at his rooms and examine his specimens.  He will put up Miniatures in Lockets, Breast Pins, Bracelets or Cases to suit persons calling at his rooms.  By the aid of new chemicals which are not liable to be injured by the weather he flatters himself that he can give as good satisfaction as any operator this side of the city.  He always holds himself in readiness to leave his rooms for the purpose of taking likenesses of persons who are unable to visit his rooms, also of persons deceased.

Instructions given in the art with the latest improvements on reasonable terms.—Apparatus furnished if desired to persons commencing the business.  Amos Willes.  Ravenna, June 5, 1849.

Amos Willes is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Ravenna, Ohio in 1849.

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