1859                Address Unknown, Dundee, New York.

Wheeler was mentioned in one advertisement for Hathaway and Letts that appeared on May 5, 1859 in the Yates County Chronicle (Pen Yan, New York).  Photographs!  Life Size!—Life Color!  Mr. J. M. Letts, of the Elmira firm of Hathaway & Letts, will visit Penn Yan every few days for the purpose of taking Negatives For Photographs to be finished in Elmira.  They will be taken from the smallest dimension up to life size.  They will also be handsomely and naturally colored, so as to present all the elegance and expression of a first class Oil Painting.—These Pictures are the most popular Photographs ever taken.

Daguerreotypes of Deceased Persons Or Others, Can Be Copied And Enlarged To Any Size And Colored In Oil.—Pastel Or Plain.

Orders may be left at Burns’ Bookstore or Mrs. Lansing’s Gallery, Penn Yan or Wheeler’s Gallery, Dundee.  In sending Daguerreotypes, be particular in describing the Color of Hail, Eyes, Complexion, &c.  Perfect satisfaction guaranteed in every case.  Hathaway & Letts.

Wheeler is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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