E. Westcote

1856                Unknown Location, Oneonta, New York.

E. Westcote was mentioned in one advertisement that ran from March 14 to June 6, 1856 in The Freeman’s Journal (Cooperstown, New York).  Ambrotypes.  It Is Talked By A Certain Few that the Ambrotype likeness spoil.  In stating [realities] we hope to be allowed to correct all those false and erroneous illusions.  We will admit that some of the pictures we made before purchasing the Ambrotype right did spoil. We were made to believe that those pictures were equally as good as the patent Ambrotype; they resemble the Ambrotype so nearly that at first sight a person cannot distinguish them from the genuine pictures.  But by keeping them a while they spoil, and soon show for themselves.—This kind of picture is made in the county and sold throughout the State as Ambrotypes.  Their right name we will omit, but will say that they are a positive picture made and finished on the single glass, referred to in the Caution to the people by the Boston Ambrotype Company as worthless.  All those who got that kind of Likeness at our rooms can return them and have the genuine Ambrotype reset in their cases free of charge.

We have recently sold the right of the southern portion of this county to E. Westcote of Oneonta.  His Car and Excelsior Gallery in Cooperstown, are the only places where the genuine patent Ambrotypes can be obtained in Otsego county.

N. D.—Prices as low as the lowest.  All our work warranted to please, and to be as good as at any other room in the State.  Olendorf & Smith.

E. Westcote is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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