Weiser & Delano

1857                Address Unknown, Steubenville, Ohio.

Weiser & Delano (George W. Weiser and Douglas C. Delano) were recorded in one announcement on June 17, 1857 in the True American (Steubenville, Ohio).  Great Excitement In Steubenville.—Not so much amongst the Bankers, Merchants and Mechanics, but at the Daguerrean Rooms of Weiser and Delano.

These gentlemen have for the last week been doing a business far beyond anything in that line, ever before witnessed in this city.  The reduced prices for which they are taking likenesses, together with the perfect style in which the work is done, have produced a general excitement in the entire community, and caused a general rush to their rooms.  We very much doubt whether any other city can boast of two better artists.

Go then—you are not afraid to look at yourselves precisely taken as you are, and get your likenesses taken for 25 cts. and then get one for each and every country cousin you have in the nation.

Both George W. Weiser and Douglas C. Delano are recorded in other photographic directories but not recorded as partners.  

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