W. Weibling

1852-1853       Address Unknown, Connersville, Indiana.

W. Weibling was recorded in two announcement in the Indiana State Sentinel (Indianapolis, Indiana) and one advertisement in the Indiana American (Brookville, Indiana).  The first announcement appeared on October 28, 1852.  The State Fair.  It is supposed that fifty thousand persons visited the Fair yesterday….

S. Rea, of this city, exhibited in two large frames, Daguerreotypes of the members of the last Senate and House, of this State.  Also, likenesses of many of the young ladies of this city—beautiful, of course, or they would not have been likenesses.  These Daguerreotypes were executed in Rea’s best style, which is equivalent to saying that they cannot be excelled in the world.

Mr. Weibling, from Connersville, also exhibits some excellent Daguerreotypes.  Many of his pictures very nearly, if not quite, equaled Rea’s, and were highly creditable productions.

The second announcement appeared on November 4, 1852.  Premiums Awarded at the First Annual State Fair of Indiana, 1852, as Reported by the Several Committees….Manufactured Articles….

Daguerrean Art, four frames, from the studio of S. Rea, Indianapolis.  The crowd of admiring spectators who constantly surrounded these pictures, attested the approbation of the public.  They were justly regarded as admirable specimens of the art, in style of finish, posture, coloring, and design.  They are worthy the general commendation they received.  Premium $10 and diploma.

Daguerreotypes, a case from W. Weibling, of Connersville, containing several creditable portraits, and exhibiting a good degree of taste and skill in the artist.  $2 and diploma.

Fancy Label, attached to Rea’s Daguerrean collection, from the same.  The committee pronounce them creditable specimens of the art.

The advertisement ran from October 21 to November 25, 1853.  Likenesses Only $1.  Beautiful Colored Daguerrean Likenesses.  Weibling’s Sky-Light Gallery, Connersville, Ind. 

Mr. Weibling takes pleasure in announcing to his friends that he is permanently located in Connersville.  His Rooms have been constructed expressly for the Daguerrean Art, and are second to no other Gallery in the West, for Artistic Arrangement of Light; they also possess rare facilities in the Chemical and Mechanical Departments. 

His Reception Room Has been fitted up expressly in view of rendering every convenience—especially to Ladies and Children.  By the use of a large and superior Instrument, Mr. W. is enabled to secure, with ease and accuracy,  Post Mortem Pictures, And every variety of Landscape, in all its Natural Beauty and Grandeur.  Portraits copied, and types taken of all sizes, for insertion in Lockets, Tombstones, &c.

Mr. W. will constantly keep on hand, and sell at standard prices, Instruments, Chemicals, Materials, &c.  Also fine Lithographs, Picture Frames, of all sizes, and Jewelry of every description.  He has a fine whole size instrument (Lewis make) that he will sell, or exchange for a half size instrument.

Odd Fellow’s and Masonic Regalia made to order, and sold cheaper than they can be had at any Establishment in the city.

Rooms open from 8 A. M. till 4 P. M.

W. Weibling is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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