Webster’s & Holland

1851                Mattingly’s Hall, Bardstown, Kentucky.

Webster’s & Holland (Edward Z., Israel B. Webster and W. A. Holland) were recorded in one advertisement that ran on November 13, 1851 in the Bardstown Herald (Bardstown, Kentucky). Websters & Holland, Daguerrean Artists.  Webster & Brother, of Louisville, KY., have associated with them Mr. W. A. Holland, and for the time being have established a Branch of their extensive Establishment in “Mattingly’s Hall,” Bardstown, Ky., where they would be happy to see all who may desire to secure Miniatures of themselves or friends.

All work warranted to give entire satisfaction.

The public generally are invited to call and examine our specimens whether they wish pictures or not.  Websters & Holland.

N. B.—Instruction imparted and apparatus furnished to all who may desire.  W. & H.  oct. 16. 

While all three partners are recorded in other photographic directories the partnership is not.

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