E. W. Walder

1852-1853    Rooms at Jefferson House, Loudon, Tennessee.

1853                Rooms over Orme, Wilson & Co.’s. Store, Loudon, Tennessee.

1853                Rooms at the Athens Hotel, Athens, Tennessee.

1853                Address unknown, Loudon, Tennessee.

1853                Rooms at Leuty’s Hotel, Loudon, Tennessee.

E. W. Walder was recorded in three advertisements and three announcements in the Loudon Free Press (Loudon, Tennessee.) a fourth advertisement was recorded in The Athens Post (Athens, Tennessee.)  For the first two advertisements and for the first announcement Walder was in partnership as Walder & Green (N. M. Green.)  The first advertisement ran from January 15 to March 5, 1853.

And while the wings of fancy still are free,

And I can view the Daguerreotype of thee:

Time has but half succeeded in his theft!

We take pleasure in announcing to the public, that our Gallery is now open at the Jefferson House.  Pictures taken in any weather, and warranted not to fade in the least.  A splendid assortment of Lockets, Breastpins, Rings, Fancy cases, and in fact, everything used in the art on hand.  Instruction given and outfit furnished for $100.  Prices of pictures from $2 to $20.  Everybody invited to call and examine the great variety of specimens,—whether they wish pictures taken or not.            Walder & Green.

The Gold Medal was awarded to Walder and Green, by the Georgia Fair, for the best Daguerreotypes.  Loudon, Dec. 18, 1852.

The first announcement appeared on May 13, 1853.  Those wishing Daguerreotypes are referred to the advertisement of Messrs. Walder & Green.  They are known to our citizens.

The second advertisement ran from May 13 to June 10, 1853.  Walder & Green’s Daguerrean Gallery at Loudon.  We take pleasure in announcing to the public that we have returned to Loudon, and taken Rooms over Orme, Wilson & co’s store; where we are prepared to take Pictures in the best Style.  Sick and Post-Mortem cases attended to promptly. 

Gold Lockets and Breast-Pins of the best materials, on hand and for sale.  Persons wishing perfect Likenesses would do well to give us a call.

Instructions in the Art given on reasonable terms.  Loudon, Tenn.  E. W. Walder, N. M. Green.

The third advertisement was recorded on September 23, 1853 in The Athens Post (Athens, Tennessee).  Daguerrean Gallery, And while the wings of fancy still are free, And I can still view this Daguerreotype of thee, Time has but half succeeded in his theft.

Mr. Walder begs leave to announce that his Daguerrean Gallery is now open at the Athens Hotel for a few days.  Portraits executed in the most artistic manner, without regard to weather.  He has just received a new stock of Lockets, Breast-pins, and fancy cases of all sizes.  Instruction given, and instruments for sale at greatly reduced prices.  Every body invited to call.  Sept. 16, 1853.  

The second announcement appeared on September 30, 1853.  Daguerreotypes.—E. W. Walder, the accomplished Daguerrean Artist, is again in our town, on a short visit, and will be ready in a few days to issue likenesses of all who which them.  The approach of old winter is doubtless again putting serious notions into the minds of the young.  Of course they will desire to have the “face and features” of their sweet-hearts and leave their own in pledge.  Here is a chance!

The third announcement appeared on December 9, 1853.  Daguerreotypes!  We are pleased to announce that our friend E. W. Walder, well known to this community as an accomplished Daguerreotype artist, has again visited our town, and has rooms at Leuty’s Hotel.  All who wish to obtain pictures would do well to call on Mr. Wilder, as it is not likely a better opportunity will be presented.  See advertisement.

The fourth advertisement ran from December 9 to 16, 1853.  Walder’s Daguerrean Gallery!  Now Open at Leuty’s Hotel.  Mr. Walder begs leave to announce that he has returned to Loudon, and his Gallery is now open for the reception of visitors.  Lockets, Rings, Breast-pins, and all kinds of Fancy Cases on hand.

Every body invited to call!

Having recently visited the most celebrated galleries in the country and received additional instruction in all the new improvements.  Young men wishing to engage in the art would do well to apply immediately.  Price of Instruction and Apparatus complete, $100.   E. W. Welder.     E. W. Welder is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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