Thomas Waite

1857                Address Unknown, Pamelia, New York.

Thomas Waite was recorded in one announcement that appeared on October 1, 1857 in The New York Reformer (Watertown, New York).  Jefferson County Agricultural Society.  Premiums Awarded…Pictures…

Best Specimens Daguerreotypes, Hart & Hose, Watertown, Dip. $1.00.

2d Best Specimens Daguerreotypes, Thos. Waite, Pamelia, book.

Best Specimens Photographs, Hart & Hose, Watertown, Dip. & $1.00.

2d Best Specimens Photographs, G. S. Rugg, Watertown, book.

Miss Alice Smith, Watertown, recommended, $3.00.

Hart & Hose, Watertown, recommended, $2.00

Those recommend a discretionary premium of $3.00 to No. 207 for best Ambrotypes, also one of $2.00 to No. 65 for 2d best Ambrotypes.

The committee would recommend that, at the next annual exhibition there be one premium for the best ambrotypes and one for the 2d best, and also a premium for the best ambrotype views.  A large portion of the pictures exhibited were of this character, and as they form a very interesting part of the exhibition the committee have recommended premiums to be given, and that greater inducement be offered by the society hereafter for the exhibition of specimens of art.  E. Q. Sewall, T. C. Chittenden, Jr., E. H. Smith, Judges.

Thomas Waite is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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