C. M. Van Doren

1857-1858       Rooms over the City Bank of Eames, Allen & Co., Ottawa, Illinois.

C. M. Van Doren was recorded in one  advertisement that ran from October 6, 1857 to October 2, 1858 in The Ottawa Free Trader (Ottawa, Illinois).  New Picture Gallery.  The lovers of fine arts, and the public generally, are invited to examine specimens now on exhibition at the new Rooms just opened over the City Bank of Eames, Allen & Co., north of the Court House, under the supervision of James Marston.

The undersigned having purchased the interest of Mr. Marston, in the above business, is now prepared to furnish Ambrotypes in the highest style of the art, warranted in every instance to give satisfaction or no charge made.  The services of Mr. Marston have been secured for a short time, and those acquainted with his skill will need no further assurance for getting truthful pictures.  A share of the public patronage is solicited.  Ottawa, October 3, 1857.  C. M. Van Doren.

C. M. Van Doren is not recorded in other photographic directories. James Marston is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Ottawa, Illinois .

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