Vail & Persac

1856                Rooms in Heroman’s Building, corner Florida & Main Streets, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Vail & Persac (William Vail & Marie Adrian Persac) were recorded in ten announcements in the Sugar Planter (West Baton Rouge, Louisiana.) and one advertisement in The Morning Comet (Baton Rouge, Louisiana.)  The first announcement appeared on July 26.  Daguerreotypes.—We visited the Daguerrean gallery of Messrs. Vail & Persac on Monday last, and were astonished at the beauty, skill and finish of their pictures.  Among them we recognized many faces familiar about town, which to our mind is an evidence that their efforts are justly receiving a liberal share of patronage.  Give them a call and see for yourselves. Rooms in Heroman’s building, corner of Florida and Main Streets.

The second announcement appeared on August 2, 1856.  Call at Vail & Persac’s if you want to see some fine specimens of Daguerrean art.  Our West Baton Rouge friends wanting likenesses taken, would be perfectly satisfied with those taken by Messrs. Vail and Persac.  Don’t forget the place—over G. H. Heroman’s book store.

The third announcement appeared on August 23, 1856.  “Let justice be done through the Heavens fall,” and with a due observation of this maxim, call on Vail & Persac, and secure a “likeness ere the substance fades.”  They are reaping the reward of their labors. 

The fourth announcement appeared on August 30, 1856.  Don’t forget that Vail and Persac are taking daguerreotypes as cheap as ever.  A few more plates left.

The fifth announcement appeared on September 6, 1856.  Vail & Persac still taking pictures as cheap as ever.

The sixth announcement appeared on September 20, 1856.  Vail & Persac.—These eminent Daguerreotypists are still taking their fine pictures at the old stand.  Their pictures are taken in a superior and artistic style, and we would advise all those desiring likenesses to call and examine their specimens.  Rooms in Heroman’s new building, Corner of Laurel and Main Streets.

The advertisement ran from October 9 to December 27, 1856 in The Morning Comet (Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  Vail & Persac.  Daguerrean Artists, Heroman’s Building, Corner of Main and Florida streets.  Pictures taken in the very best style of art, any size desired.                       

The seventh announcement appeared on October 11, 1856.  Daguerreotypes.—Vail & Persac continue their extensive business at Heroman’s corner.  Their apparatus is complete in every department, and the most superior likenesses are guaranteed to all.  Gentlemen and ladies from the country can have their daguerreotypes taken at shortest possible notice, without interference with their business.  A few seconds are only required to complete the most beautifully finished picture of old or young.  Call at their rooms and examine specimens.

The eighth announcement appeared on October 18, 1856.  The Reign of Art.—In this wonderful age, art lays her master touches on almost everything.  The ceilings over us and the carpets we tread on, are hollowed by art.—Nothing is too lofty for her touch and nothing too humble.  A new proof of this old conviction has just fallen under our notice, in the shape of daguerreotypes at the establishment of Vail and Persac.  Go and see them by all means.

The ninth announcement appeared on November 22, 1856.  Daguerreotypes.—The pleasure of having the picture of a friend need not be expatiated upon, as it is appreciated by all, and the interchange of these tokens of regard, is one of the most beautiful customs of the age, while the facilities for observing it, leave no excuse for its non-observance.  Mr. Vail, in Heroman’s building is now more fully prepared than ever to take daguerreotype likenesses, and we advise our friends to give him a call.  So says the Gazette!

The tenth announcement appeared on January 24, 1857.  Ambrotypes.—We paid a visit yesterday, to the Daguerreotype gallery of Professor Vail, over Heroman’s store, and were shown some specimens of Ambrotypes that will rank with anything of the kind we have never seen.  The Ambrotype, to our mind is a far superior picture to the daguerreotype; being easier taken; of a softer finish and generally a better likeness.  The Professor is having quite a rush just now, but visitors are freely invited to call and examine specimens.  Rooms corner Main and Laurel streets.

Vail & Persac are recorded in other photographic directories.  Photography in New Orleans; Pioneer Photographers From The Mississippi To The Continental Divide A Biographical Dictionary, 1839-1865; Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and The New York Historical Society’s Dictionary Of Artists In America 1564-1860 list Adrian Persac as a Landscape painter active in Louisiana between 1857-1872.  The advertisement ran until December 27, 1856, the November 22 and January 24th announcements do not mention Persac name.

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