Mr. Truth

1853                Address Unknown, Ithaca, New York.

Mr. Truth was recorded in one advertisement that ran from June 22 to September 21, 1853 in the  Ithaca Journal and Advertiser (Ithaca, New York).  Lost Conscience.  For a poor Fading Miniature character—and night as well have saved it by going to Mr. Truth’s Daguerrian Gallery, No. 1, for my Miniatures.  He has the great Sky Light and works upon the new and beautiful improvements, and has the largest optical instrument in the wide world—but it is done;—and it is my own true life-like likeness, positively made in stereotype form, of light and dark prismatic shades, according to the true laws of Light, &c., and I have most devoutly labelled the same Lost Money, in bold italics on my ‘bare face’—and have adorned it with as assortment of Chinese (large and small) inlaid with Rose French, and all other paints, splendid and rare, doing a first rate business—please see for yourself.  And I have from the bottom of my heart caused a true engraving of print of the same to be published weekly in the Ithaca Journal and Advertiser, that all the people can see me, and read me, and know me, and fee me, for my loving galvanic power.  June 17, 1853.

Mr. Truth is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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