Benjamin Swasey

1847                No. 6 under Cabot Hall, Cabotville, Massachusetts.

1847                Exchange Street, Over D. Wells Jewelry Store, Cabotville, Massachusetts.

1848                4½ Exchange Street, Cabotville, Massachusetts.[1]

1849                6 Exchange Street, Cabotville, Massachusetts.[1]

Benjamin Swasey was recorded in two announcements and two advertisements in the Daily Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts).  The first announcement appeared on May 5, 1847. 

Daguerreotypes.—We call the attention of our readers in Cabotville and vicinity, to the advertisement of Mr. Swasey, in another column.  We are assured that he is a skilful, successful, and accomplished artist, and well worthy of public patronage.

The first advertisement ran from May 5 to July 10, 1847.  Benj. Swasey’s Daguerrian Rooms, Cabotville, The subscriber has removed for a few weeks, because of the dampness of the walls in his late rooms, to No. 6, under Cabot Hall, where he will be thankful to receive the calls of his friends and the public in general who may be in want of good Daguerrian likenesses.

Having decided to locate permanently in this village, and having one of the largest sizes German Cameras of a quality inferior to none in the country, he is prepared to take miniatures that shall give perfect satisfaction to all who may favor him with their patronage, or no pay will be asked.

Please call and examine specimens.  Benj. Swasey.  Cabotville.

The second announcement appeared on July 12, 1847.  It will be seen by Mr. Swasey’s card, that he has removed his Daguerrean Rooms, at Cabotville.  We are glad to here that he is doing a prosperous business, and that his work gives good satisfaction.

The second advertisement ran from July 12, 1847 to March 7, 1848.  Benj. Swasey’s Daguerrian Rooms, Over D. Wells’s Jewelry Store, Exchange St., Cabotville, Mass.  Pictures taken at these Rooms, warranted to give perfect satisfaction.

Benjamin Swasey is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Cabotville (Chicopee) Massachusetts in 1848-1849.  In 1849 Benjamin Swasey was in the partnership of Swasey & Chapin.

[1] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

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