Mr. Stearns

1847                Ford Street, over H. Church’s Store, Ogdensburgh, New York.

Mr. Stearns was recorded in one advertisement that ran from May 25 to June 18, 1847 in the St. Lawrence Republican (Ogdensburgh, New York).    Daguerreotypes.  Mr. Stearns is on hand and ready from 8 A. M., to 5 P. M., at his Rooms over H. Church’s Store, Ford street, to execute a few more of those nice pictures, of all sizes, for which his apparatus is so well qualified.  Ladies and Gents are respectfully solicited to call and examine specimens, and sit for their likenesses if they choose, by way of experiment.  A reasonable discount will be made where several pictures are taken in the same family.  Come one—come all.

Mr. Stearns is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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