J. H. Spear

1849-1853       Rooms in Hall’s Long Building, Main Street, Brattleboro, Vermont.

J. H. Spear was recorded in four advertisement in the Windham County Democrat (Brattleboro, Vermont).  In addition to yesterday’s post of Spear & Mack’s one announcement and two advertisements.  The first advertisement appeared on July 16, 1851.  Note the date of the advertisement of April 1, 1851.  Daguerreotypes!  J. H. Spear’s Daguerrean Gallery is the place to get as good a Daguerreotype Likeness as can be obtained in the State.  Skylight Used.

Pictures taken in all weathers, and perfect satisfaction warranted or no charge. Hall’s Long Building, Main st.  Brattleboro, April 1, 1851.

The second advertisement appeared on August 27, 1851.  Again note the date of advertisement July 28, 1851.  Vermont Daguerrean Gallery.  The subscriber, thankful for the very liberal patronage received for the past two years, would inform the citizens of Brattleboro and the adjoining towns, that having Newly Fitted Up His Rooms, and spared no pains or expense to obtain all the Late Improvements in the Art, is now able to produce Pictures that cannot fail to give Perfect Satisfaction.

Prices varying from $1 to $6, according to the Size and Style of the Case.  Hall’s Long Building, Main Street.  J. H. Spear.  Brattleboro, July 28, ’51.

The third advertisement appeared on July 7, 1852  J. H. Spear’s Sky-Light Daguerreotype Rooms, Hall’s Long Building, Main Street.

Pictures taken in all weather and perfect satisfaction warranted or no charge.  Prices from One to Eight Dollars.  Brattleboro, Sept. 10th, 1851.  

The fourth advertisement appeared on January 26, 1853.  Daguerreotyping, The subscriber would respectfully give notice to the inhabitants of Brattleboro and vicinity that he has taken the rooms formerly occupied by J. H. Spear for the purpose of taking and putting up Daguerreotypes in all the various styles of the art, such as Rings, Pins, Lockets, cases, frames, &c., &c.

All who feel interested in this beautiful art, and especially those who wish to obtain a perfect and pleasing Daguerreotype Likeness of themselves or friends, are respectfully invited to give him a call, and secure one or more of those Beautiful Mementoes of Life, ere it shall be too light.  The pictures taken by the subscriber, for the richness and softness of tone, the clearness and distinctness of the expression of the eyes, are not surpassed by any.

Daguerreotypes and Paintings of all kinds, copied in the very best manner.  Perfect satisfaction given or no charge will be made, as none but good work will be allowed to go from this room.  J. L. Lovell.  Brattleboro, Jan. 6, 1853

J. H. Spear is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Brattleboro, Vermont.  J. H. Spear was in the partnership of Spear & Mack in 1849.  It is possible that this is James H. Spear who was active in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Note on the Windham County Democrat I only had access to twenty issues between 1842 to 1853.

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